back to school

so the summer is “over”, i started back to school yesterday.  i am going back to be a full time student again, this is round 2 in collage for me (technically i already have a BA in film from sf state) and i’m excited for the new year and to learn all kinds of new skills.  this semester i am taking design 101, flash essentials, inDesign 1, then i am wait listed on photoshop 2 and illustrator 1 so i am hoping that either one or both of those classes work out.  its going to be a busy semester i had design 101 and flash yesterday and both seem like they are going to take a lot of time and work, plus i start volunteering at the SFMOMA in september.

even though my summer may be over i’m still working on projects that i started this summer like the sketchbook project; i want to scan a bunch of those pages and post them up!  i missed the deadline for the love your city contest on threadless ( going to san diego and then outside lands really left no time to work these past couple weeks) but i still am going to finish my design and submit it to threadless as a regular t-shirt design submission.


i promise i’ll be posting more and i’ll be putting up stuff from school projects as well as personal projects. its going to be a busy year but i’m excited for all the work and new experiences!


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