logo design

my mom became a certified organic farmer this year and her CSA (community supported agriculture) company-Sunset Valley Farms has a subdivision for what i like to call, booze and sweets.  she is growing merlot grapes and hops to sell san diego area breweries and wineries. oh and honey too, can’t forget the sweets! her youngest sister is also a graphic designer and she created the logo for Sunset Valley Farms, but i got to do the logo for the subdivision Zymurgy Products.  and if you don’t know what zymurgy is, and why would you? it refers to the fermentation process. how appropriate.  this is logo that we finally settled on. simple, and easy.  when i started working on the logo mommy said it should have something to do with fermentation. now what does fermentation look like? all i could think of was bubbles so i went from there.

so good luck to my mommy and her new company last i talked to her she passed all the certifications to be organic and had sold her first batch of lemons! yay!


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