in my design 101 class our first project was a collage on a culture you are a part of.  i went with the music genre and choose the theme of music festival culture.  now i like making collages, i’ve done it since i was in middles school. i was totally into cutting out pictures from magazines  and collaging them together to put in the clear plastic cover of my school binder.

this project was a little more involved than just pictures of blink 182(my eighth grade fav) all mashed together. we had to do several drafts or “iterations” and by several i mean 7.  so in true eighth grade fashion my first (and second) iterations looked mashed up, busy, and like eighth grade me did them.

#1 and #2



after the class critique of the first 2 and hearing that my work was busy, unfocused and really not showing what the true essence of a music festival is (god what an ego blow!) i started to edit down.


it was still to much, edit down more. what is the focus?


and then i had an epiphany, its the people who make the music festival, its all those people getting weird and having fun, finally i found a focus.


and then i figured out photoshop is way better that cutting and pasting photocopies.


at this point i was so sick of seeing all these pictures but we still had one more to go and my teacher said i was going in the right direction, so i sucked it up and finished the last one.


this one gets turned in today for class critique, oh man.

the evolution of this project was extreme! usually i feel like i do pretty well with my first idea, this project showed me that that’s not always true.  i really need to think about projects and go back and rework them and think of them in different ways before i call it a day.



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