mighty life list

i was inspired by mightygirl.com‘s “mighty life list”.  100 things to do before you die. so i have decided to make my own nattie life list of things i want to do before i die. here goes…

write a book. start a small business. learn to make chocolate lava cake. go to Brazil during carnival. go to the world cup. take a cross country road trip. have irish coffee in Ireland. become fluent in Spanish. learn conversational Portuguese. cook a 3 coarse meal for a dinner party. go to Japan(and find out where my grandparents got married).get a french bulldog. rock climb at Yosemite. live in New York for a year. grow a small veggie and herb garden. own a house with a backyard. watch a surf contest on the north shore of Oahu. go backpacking. learn to argue/debate.

run another marathon. eat all 100 top san francisco restaurants. go hang gliding. paint a large scale painting. finish a screen play. have a board game night. have a porch swing. live in the mission district. go to New Orleans for mardi gras. see the sketchbook project when the tour comes to sf. learn html. buy a domain name. have a crazy weekend in Las Vegas. build a counter top out of corks (i saw this in a wine bar in Palo Alto, so cool!). finish my graphic design certificate. make a short zombie movie. throw an awesome zombie  halloween party. go to day of the dead festivities. go to every sf neighborhood street fair.  relearn how to develop black and white photos.

go to california adventure park. get an internship/job at a really cool design firm or print shop. decorate a house or apartment. get my G5 tower fixed and if it can’t be fixed get the pictures, writing, projects, movies, ect off the hard drive. have artwork in a show. scuba dive. take ballet. take a self portrait every day for a year then make one big picture with them all. ride a cable car. take the ferry to Sausalito. stop and buy fruit from a stand on the 5. go to the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival. try surfing at ocean beach again. have brunch at the cliff house. ride a bike through the 49 mile scenic drive. paint something pretty on an ugly building. stay at the Hotel Del in Coronado. try acupuncture for joint issues.  actually run bay to breakers (in costume with an official number). learn to make pottery.

travel through south east Asia. stay in a house boat. own a designer purse. watch the sunrise from the embarcadero. live in a victorian house. go down town at christmas and see the tree. host a holiday at my house. go to universal studios for their halloween stuff. have a super vain photo shoot. get all A’s this time round in college. learn about human psychology. grow my hair out really long then cut it off an donate it. surf in South Africa. go to a drive through zoo. play in a band again. have my palm read/taro cards read. fix up an old house. take a bar tending class and learn to make fancy cocktails. try oysters. own a fancy camera.

take a city tour. go through a corn maze. go to a murder mystery party. learn how to play the stock market. get bottle service in a club. go to an end of the world party. go to the southern France. ride my bike more than i drive my car. win a contest. see stone henge. see a movie at a drive in. get another tattoo. burning man. go to the winchester mystery house. learn Italian. drive all the way down Baja California. design a movie poster. have a dead rockstars party. bake a three tiered cake. have studio/office/work space that is separate from my bedroom.


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