40th post/ semester round up!

40 posts this year, i feel pretty proud of that!

it has been a long and crazy semester! i took 12 units- 4 classes, worked at the restaurant, volunteered at the SFMoMA, quit my restaurant job, started doing freelance work, landed an internship for next semester at Root Division, and still managed to eat and sleep a bit.

my final project for DSGN 101 turned into a challenging and interesting project. the assignment was to create a portrait of a classmate that was not  standard face shot. as with all the other project this semester this one went through several iterations before a final was assembled.

i’d like to call it portait of a San Francisco photographer

for my Illustrator class our final project was to reproduce an art deco French advertisement/poster

and the fun and exciting question asked by classmates for several weeks while working on this assignment? what is it advertising???? any french speakers out there? shed some light.

i’ve already shown my final project from the flash class, the website as a compilation of all of the projects this semester, but if you want to look again!

in InDesign the final project was also to recreate a previously made example, this time a newsletter layout. getting to match pantone colors was quite a treat!


the internship i will be starting in the new year is at root division an art education, studio and gallery in the mission. i am quite excited to get to work in a creative and artsy environment finally! i will be archiving pictures of past artwork that has been in the gallery as well as documenting and archiving new shows and exhibitions. its more of an organization job but i am super organized and i think it will be a fun process.


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