sketchy inspiration

i’ve been working on my sketchbook for the sketchbook project a bunch today, the deadline to get it sent in is january 31! eek! im about half way done as of now, with the end of the semester and the crazyness of the past year this project kind of fell by the wayside; but now i have some free time before school starts up again so i’m trying to dedicate as much time to finishing up and sending off my little paper bundle of joy.

when ever i hit a “drawing block” as it were, i like a little inspiration, here’s whats looking cool today!

1. shawn whyte, i love the patterns and details he uses! 2. deanna staffo, her whimsical style just makes me happy 3. kathryn whyte, simplicity at its finest 4. lizzie abelson, part of her sketchbook project from last year, it shows such a great appreciation for nature which i also appreciate 5.deanna staffo she really captures great facial expressions, something i really strive for 6. lizzie abelson, the color in this one is just enough with out being over powering 7. shawn whyte, the building with the crazy sky/background just reminds me of SF 8. kathryn whyte, so cute i can barely stand it!


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