since i quit my server and bar tender job back in november to find my creative self and focus on what i want my life and career to be my income has pretty much come to a stand still. due to my grueling school schedule and throwing an internship into the mix plus volunteering a couple days a month at the MoMA it leaves little availability for an actual paying job. so consequently i am still unemployed. this has been a point of stress for me for the past month now; when i quit my job i had saved a good amount of money already, but i hadn’t planned on not working for so long, i had presumptuously thought that even if i couldn’t get a “creative” job i’d be able to get another waiting or bar tending job closer to home. i was wrong. i was mulling over this dissatisfaction with a friend and a bottle of wine the other night when she said something that seemed so simple and so obvious.

“why don’t you make an etsy shop?”

duh! why had i never thought of that?

but now the question, what should i sell in my shop???

i’ve come up with a few ideas but i know its going to take a bit of market research to figure out what will be both reasonable for me to make and profitable to sell.

so far i’ve come up with:

-little crocheted stuffed animals (this was my friend sheilla’s original idea because i’d made a bunch for friends for christmas)
-knitted accessories such as hats and scarfs
-found vintage clothing and or accessories
-painting and other artwork that i’ve done over the years and is now hanging out in my closet, behind my dresser and stashed around my room.
-funky house accessories, i enjoy both DIY projects and finding weird stuff in thrift shops
-framed artsy photos, i have so many cool pictures and  not enough wall space to put them up

(these are the little monsters i made, click on the picture to find out how to make your own!)

i’ve see a couple books on making successful etsy stores like:

and business books like:

does anyone have any suggestions for making an etsy shop/small online business? or which route i should take? please let me know!


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