days 4,5,6

4. favorite food, i have always loved pizza, my parents even joke that it was my first word! i will put just about anything on a pizza too, this one has just whatever i could find in the fridge, cherry tomatoes garlic parmesan cheese and bits of veggie burger. a little weird i guess, but yum!

5. memories, my brother and i are pretty close we used to hang out a lot as kids and even after we’d both moved out we like to hang out a bunch because we still lived fairly close, but sadly alex has moved back to southern california so i only get to see him when i go home to visit.

6. what i’m reading, first it should be known that i read everything, i’m that kid who reads the back of the cereal box while i eat breakfast. lately with such a full school schedule i have been reading mostly text books but i try to make time to get a good magazine in there and im trying to finish the girl who kicked the hornets nest, i started reading right before the semester started and was about half way through when i came to a half because of homework.


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