at last…

the rest of my sketchbook is all scanned in and brightened up for everyone to see! i ended up doing the whole sketchbook in pencil and minimal color, just a few sketches use color pencil. i was really trying to stay true to the idea of a “sketchbook” something that your projects start out as, the blue prints to what could be a larger piece of art.

my theme was “its summer where you are” so i did a lot of summer-y-ish drawings, hence the cover with the sunglasses. sunglasses ended up being a little mini theme through my whole book. i really like drawing face and i noticed all the ones i did had sunglasses on.

as well as sunglass i seem to have a real affinity for trees.

so that is the end of my sketchbook, be sure to check out the {Brooklyn Art Library} and {Art House CO-OP} for how to enter the sketchbook project 2012 and the sketchbook project 2011 tour dates!


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