mid-semester recap

here is whats been up this semester:

my internship at root division is going great, i absolutely love working there! the environment in inspiring (who wouldn’t be inspired in an art gallery?) the people are awesome- both my bosses, fellow interns and the artist are all the coolest people ever! and i feel like i am getting the chance to do a whole range of interesting projects. i started out just doing the photography and archiving but now i am moving into the social media and web posting mostly because i (sorta) know how and want to do it, so they are giving me that freedom to try which is super cool. i am also really excited for a new project which will be starting tomorrow, i’m am going to be helping one of the artist for the next show make her piece more interactive with an online portion which i will be helping to create! more details on that later!

so i realized a few months ago that my “funemployement” wasn’t so fun anymore, mostly because i was broke. it also happend that my friend and roommate needed to hire another sales associate at the clothing store where she works, anne taylor LOFT. so i took the job like any rational person, clothes! friend! retail? this is my first retail job ever! it took some getting used to, but i pick things up fast and adapt well to pretty much all situations. since i’ve worked in food for the majority of my working life i had the basics of customer service down pat, but selling clothes to people is a little different than bringing people food and drinks. but i must say the clothes are a huge plus and i’ve noticed that i am were way brighter colors than i used to.

i’ve taken on a freelance project, yes i know that seems crazy with everything else going on, but its a paying gig and i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some more web experience. some friends of my roommate jon are starting a company and they need a website which they asked me to design! their company is pretty cool, kind of like and art finder type deal, i’ll give more details when they launch of coarse. but that is keeping me busy because it’s definitely a learning curve of working with a client as well as doing something that i’ve only really done in school with teachers guidance and now i’m doing it for real! i’ll post more when it all comes together!

and finally school… its hectic, but hey, thats what being a student is all about right? my classes have gotten really project heavy so there is a lot of work to be done outside of class. as of right now i am working on a branding project for my graph design class, i am creating logo and everything for sheilla’s and my company that we will eventually launch, she’s sweet – baked goods and cupcakes. so that has been a fun process! then for my typography class i have a group project creating a broadside poster on the letterpress. working in a group is always interesting, i’ve never really used the letterpress before and i don’t think anyone in my group has too much experience with it but we’re trying, although coming up with a design seems a but challenging just because i think our designs are getting a little to complicated for how much effort anyone want to put in to it, anyways, i’m sure it will get figured out. here’s a couple drafts so far!


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