for all your festival needs

so i am back from coachella and in festival recovery mode… music sun and beer can take a lot out of you! anyways since we are now in full music festival season i figured i’d share a few essentials:

festival supplies

1. Water bottle, it gets hot, dancing your face off makes you sweaty, keep hydrated! i love my sigg water bottle!

2. ibuprofen, at the end of the day my feet always hurt from running around and the generic stuff is cheap and just as good!

3. Chapstick, for you all your chapped lip needs. i love burts bees!

4. Sandals that actually stay on your feet! these ones from Loft stayed with me through the whole weekend!

5. Sweet Cheap Sunglasses, get ’em cheap so if you lose/break/ forget/scratch them its no big deal, sharp shades has a bunch of different styles for under $20

6. Hand Wipes, good for everything! lets face it port-o-poties are gross but you have to use them so clean up with these hello kitty ones from target!

7. Sunscreen, definitely a must, being sunburned sucks so screen up!

8. Band Aids, i don’t know about you, but i always end up with scratched and cuts and have no idea what happend so i try to keep a stash of band aids with me at all times.

9. Sweet Camera, i love taking funky pictures, especially and music festivals because its so out of normal life so i feel like the pictures need to be a little weird too! i love my fish eye!

so you should be prepared now for some real music festival action! with a little sunscreen and a camera you are ready for whatever crazyness could happen on the festival grounds!


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