some massive animals!

i’ve been in South Africa just about a week now! its been super fun, over the weekend we went to the Schotia Game Reserve (a privately owned park) and Addo Park (a national park). since it’s winter time here there were not all whole lot of tourists and we got our own little tour! our guide was a such a cute little lady, and she dove us around in a jeep type thing and she knew so much about all the animals, like did you know elephants really love prickly pear cactus? yep they do and the thorns don’t bother them at all. so we got to get all up close and personal with these animals, and really check them out (all those photos were taken with my iphone! thats how close). around dusk we actually saw some elephants chase off the group of lions it was a pretty intense moment!

i’ll get some more pictures up soon, tomorrow the surf is supposed to be epic big so i’ll be take lots of pictures i’m sure!


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