lots of hard work

can i just say, that i effing killed it this semester! i went to school full time, had an internship and a part time job plus some freelance stuff and i still got all A’s. i am pretty proud of myself, i’m not saying it was easy, because it wasn’t, my mental health was definitely¬†teetering on the edge of psycho emotional mess most of the time, but i got through it.

so here are a few of my favorite projects from this semester!

a website done all in html and css with dreamweaver for my mmsp130 class; my final project for my graphic design 35 class was a poster and i choose to promote the aiga student group at ccsf; i think i posted this a while ago too, but i’m super proud of my illustrator final the music festival map!

for my typography class our final project was to design a book cover with only type; i got a little obsessed with terrariums and started illustrating them; and a color project for my illustrator class exemplified with david bowie!



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