printing it up

i guess i’ve been inspired by all the stamps at work so i decided to make my own stamp and make some prints with it, i was thinking i could make wrapping paper with it or something. that seems to the the new cool thing to do, making your own wrapping paper with stamps and such. to make a stamp i used linoleum mounted on a wood block and a lino cutter.

stamp making

i started out with a drawing then drew it onto the block and used the lino cutter to slowly carve it out. it was kind of a slow process mostly because i managed to continually stab my self with the lino cutter, i really should be more careful.



yellow owl has some kick-ass ink pad that i used for making the prints. as you can see the stamp was pretty big and i had some trouble getting it to stamp all the way. i actually started standing on the stamp hoping that would help the paper stamp contact, ha!

i think these will make some cute cards or wrapping paper.


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