another semester

so another semester has come and gone, and what do i have to show for it? now that finals seem like a distant memory (wait, that was only last week huh?) i figured i’d share a little of what i’ve been doing for the past 4 months.

lots of being a nerd and writing HTML and CSS

html & css Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 10.14.46 AMthe class i took focused mainly on using dreamweaver to create mark up, i’m not really all that into dreamweaver and (in my opinion) stupid “short” cuts so coded most of my projects by hand… wow, super nerdy…

then i did some more design-y work in my web design class.

pier39-redesign project

group project, a mock redesign of the pier 39 website.

hoha-mockup-designneighborhood business website mock up. i had to do our favorite local dive bar, the HoHa.

i also did an app project for this class, which proved to be more challenging than i thought. it was also my first time having to do anything app related (other than using them on my iphone). so i came up with this history adventure app where you’d be in a location and all the points of historical interest would pop up on a map and give you some info about each spot. kinda cool right? maybe? or am i just a nerd?

history app mockup

i think i did some cool work this semester, i definitely learned a bunch, especially about app development and design!

next semester will be my last in the web design program and i’m going to be taking the portfolio development class and probably the advanced HTML class as well. and then on to the real world i guess, wow that sounds scary! (just kidding!)




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