the final count down

7 days till coachellawell folks, we are entering one of my favorite times of year, music festival season. and again i will be kicking off with the coachella valley music and arts festival. weekend one has just started and i’m feeling a little anxt-y having to wait a whole week for weekend 2. but i am still super excited.

i was going through all my pictures from years past and i had a thought that “these are not very good pictures” i should really try to take better pictures this year. but then i was struck with another thought, (it was actually something someone at work said today) kids today spend so much time taking pictures and posting about where they are and what they are doing that they never really get the experience of where they are or what they’re doing. its like they want that¬†nostalgic feeling of how much fun something was, but they want it right then as its happening, and for everyone to know about it.

so, solution… take good pictures of things that matter; my friends, a good set (if i can get close enough) the beautiful desert, but don’t get out of the moment to make it happen. also i wont end up with a bunch of blurry picture that i’ll never look at again.

blurry light show


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