only one who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible

so i’ve been kinda of MIA for the past couple weeks, oops! life has gotten a little crazy lately at both work and school. my days have gone something like this: get up in the morning, go to work, come home work on projects for school (or work sometimes), remember to eat dinner work some more until i realize it’s 2am, and go to bed, then i do the same thing all over again.

the semester is ending so i’ve got two big projects to finish plus i need to get all my paperwork in to apply for my certificate! my website for my portfolio development class is actually due tomorrow, and that has been the biggest challenge trying to design and build a website that i am satisfied with from scratch. i am probably my own worst client, i change my mind about everything constantly, i always feel like things can be tweaked and made better, i get big ideas about what i want to do but then get scared that i won’t actually be able to put it into practice. but its coming along and i think as long as i work all day i’ll have it done by tomorrow, eek!

my other project for my advanced web design class is a custom wordpress site, so guess what?!?! the blog is getting a customized make over! yay! thats not due until next thursday and it may take another week or two to figure out if and how to transfer all the content from here into the customized site, so i’ve got a little more time on that .

so thats whats been up, when everything is finished i’ll definitely be posting about it, until then enjoy the rest of the weekend (oh and happy mothers day!)


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