so we are moving over to the new layout! yay! so go check out! thats where i’ll be posting all my picture adventures, design projects and other random tid bits.

a little bit about the new layout and site:
the new layout is still through wordpress, but instead of using i installed’s custom package. whats the dif you ask? well is  super easy and kind of a pre-fab set up with different layouts and themes you can choose from.  there is some room for customization  with colors and whatnot, and if you pay a small fee you can do a little more customization like different fonts, and access to some css. with you download their package of a basic layout that you can customize through css pages basically creating your own theme and layout.

the new site actually started out as a project for my web design with dreamweaver class, we had to create a custom wordpress site using, custom css, plug-ins, and the whole thing has to be responsive (meaning its adjusts the layout and set up depending on what size screen it’s being viewed on). i was having trouble trying to figure out what kind of site  i wanted to make for the project then the most obvious idea struck me, redo the blog, duh. i’ve been wanting to redo the blog for a while and i even did some customizations a few months ago but i was never really satisfied with the limited amount of things i could do to both the layout and style. so it worked out pretty well that my class was explaining exactly how to do the things that i wanted to do.

so i hope you like the new site! it was an awesome learning experience and i would totally recommend using if you have a little knowledge of css but want some experience to learn more.


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