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as promised, few of the pictures from my 365 day self portrait project. its fun trying to figure out new things to do, how many “myspace” self-y’s can one really take? anywho i’ve already missed a couple days here and there, but i’m not letting it get me down.

self portraits in january



new year fireworks

welcome to january! wow! we made it to a whole new year and that mean a whole bunch of new projects. in past years i’ve made a laundry list of resolutions that i never fully follow through on, so this year i decided that i wouldn’t make any, not one resolution. then while perusing the blogosphere i came upon an idea from one of my favorite blogs, a beautiful mess. the post was about doing a 365 day project, meaning you have a something that you do every day for the next year. sounds pretty awesome right? its not a resolution its a goal, a project and i like it! i while back (like 2 years ago! ah!) i made my nattie life list and one of the things was that i wanted to take a self portrait every day for a year. so i decided that this would be the year, and what an awesome way to get to know my new camera and work on my photography skills. and yeah i realize constantly taking self portraits is a little weird and vain but i’m my most available subject, cuz seriously how many cool pictures can you take of a cat?

cat in a box

i don’t really intend on show everything but i’ll definitely post the cool pictures.