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new and revised designs for print, web, ect…

printing it up

i guess i’ve been inspired by all the stamps at work so i decided to make my own stamp and make some prints with it, i was thinking i could make wrapping paper with it or something. that seems to the the new cool thing to do, making your own wrapping paper with stamps and such. to make a stamp i used linoleum mounted on a wood block and a lino cutter.

stamp making

i started out with a drawing then drew it onto the block and used the lino cutter to slowly carve it out. it was kind of a slow process mostly because i managed to continually stab my self with the lino cutter, i really should be more careful.



yellow owl has some kick-ass ink pad that i used for making the prints. as you can see the stamp was pretty big and i had some trouble getting it to stamp all the way. i actually started standing on the stamp hoping that would help the paper stamp contact, ha!

i think these will make some cute cards or wrapping paper.



so i don’t know if you noticed but i’m kinda changing things up around here. new layout, colors, fonts, the works. its kind of a slow process since i’m really can only work on this during the weekend (work and school get in the way of all the fun!). but things are coming along slowly but surely. so i thought i’d share a little bit of my thought process.

i really had no idea what i was doing 2 years(!) ago, but i knew i wanted to have a lotus flower somewhere in my branding. as you can see i have a pretty awesome lotus tattoo. i also wanted a bit of a street arty thing going on, a little rough around the edges i guess. i wanted to seem edgy (ha!) but hey everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

so this is where im starting to go with the redesign, a little mood-board action always helps to organize thoughts and whatnot.

and a new picture, i thought was necessary…


so expect to see some more changes soon, like the header and logo and all that fun stuff!

mood board photo sources: {ring} {stencil 101} {text} {greatness} {lotus} {print} {texture}

Rebecah Ryan clothing!

My good friend rebecah, has launched not one but two clothing lines! if you remember i designed the logo for her tags a while ago, (in this post here!) i am so excited to say that those tags are now in her custom made clothing!

rebecah.ryan is now sold exclusively at imonni boutique in long beach, it is really awesome vintage pieces that have been repurposed with an edgy flair. i really love the backs of her shirts, the detail is amazing!

rebecah.ryan also has an etsy shop called the.Elect with more vintage inspired, modern pieces.

she will have a website coming soon, but you can also check out her blog!

zp growers

so remember my mom company? ZP Growers. i made her a logo about a year ago (i showcased in this post). i spent the summer making a website for her, i did everything from the research to taking the pictures to the design and then the actual coding of the site. it was quite an endeavor, but such a cool learning experience! about a month ago it went live and she says its been working out great (super happy face!)

its super simple but thats what we were going for; simple, to the point, and easy to navigate.

since my coding skills are pretty beginner, i couldn’t do anything too fancy with the design but i figured when i learn more this semester i’ll go back in and make it cool.