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keepin’ busy


i’ve been keeping super busy lately with a bunch of projects, school, personal and client. so i thought it would be fun to share a few little snippets of what i’ve been up to lately.recent work snipetsi’ve been doing a lot of logo work it seems like lately; reworking the logo for ZP for some t-shirts they want to get printed, (remember this post¬†about the company and original logo) as well as doing the branding for an eco lighting company. then theres school, my portfolio development class has proved to be a lot of work especially since i want to design my portfolio website from scratch, but it’ll all come together (hopefully by the end of the semester). and i’ve been having some fun making a¬†calendar, a bunch of girlfriends and i are going to take a road trip this summer so i thought it would be helpful to have a fully illustrated calendar of where and what we are going to be doing! ha! i obviously have too much time on my hands.



advanced photoshop

it is the end of the semester, thank god! although i’m not totally out of the woods yet. my photoshop final was on friday, well actually the test was 2 fridays ago and the final project was due this past friday… anyways i figured i’d share some of the projects i did this semester.

#1 genetic modification

the animal family

#2 propaganda

friends dont let friends bite

zombie propaganda

#3 interface design

photo/illustrator app

app ad

its been a good semester and i had a lot of fun with these projects. the class was really informative as well as fun, its nice to be able to do a little creative work in what can really be a technical class (if you want to learn photoshop CCSF’s classes are good!).