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looking for inspiration

the past two weeks have been a little… no, a lot hectic. between work, school, freelancing, and getting sick i’m feeling a little drained. so in search of some new inspiration i’ve been trawling pintrest and dribbble.


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so i don’t know if you noticed but i’m kinda changing things up around here. new layout, colors, fonts, the works. its kind of a slow process since i’m really can only work on this during the weekend (work and school get in the way of all the fun!). but things are coming along slowly but surely. so i thought i’d share a little bit of my thought process.

i really had no idea what i was doing 2 years(!) ago, but i knew i wanted to have a lotus flower somewhere in my branding. as you can see i have a pretty awesome lotus tattoo. i also wanted a bit of a street arty thing going on, a little rough around the edges i guess. i wanted to seem edgy (ha!) but hey everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

so this is where im starting to go with the redesign, a little mood-board action always helps to organize thoughts and whatnot.

and a new picture, i thought was necessary…


so expect to see some more changes soon, like the header and logo and all that fun stuff!

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