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off to the desert

Ballons in the skyi am excited for my much needed vacation, tomorrow morning i will be jumping in the car with some good tunes for the road trip down to indo. i spent the whole week scrambling to get work and school work all done before i left as well as trying to avoid hearing too much about the festival from friends who went last weekend. but everything has finally come together and i couldn’t be more pleased. hopefully i’ll get some good photos, dance my legs off and spend some quality time with friends! see you on the other side!

coachella ferris wheel



the final count down

7 days till coachellawell folks, we are entering one of my favorite times of year, music festival season. and again i will be kicking off with the coachella valley music and arts festival. weekend one has just started and i’m feeling a little anxt-y having to wait a whole week for weekend 2. but i am still super excited.

i was going through all my pictures from years past and i had a thought that “these are not very good pictures” i should really try to take better pictures this year. but then i was struck with another thought, (it was actually something someone at work said today) kids today spend so much time taking pictures and posting about where they are and what they are doing that they never really get the experience of where they are or what they’re doing. its like they want that nostalgic feeling of how much fun something was, but they want it right then as its happening, and for everyone to know about it.

so, solution… take good pictures of things that matter; my friends, a good set (if i can get close enough) the beautiful desert, but don’t get out of the moment to make it happen. also i wont end up with a bunch of blurry picture that i’ll never look at again.

blurry light show

busy busy

it is going to be a long week.

i got a new job! ahhh! at yellow owl workshop, i’m so excited! i’ve been a fan of their cards and stamps for quite some time now (remember this post?). so i start there on tuesday. but i’m still working at the loft, and as luck would have it i am scheduled there all week, so thats gonna make logistics a bit hard (if only i could be in two places at once!). oh yeah and i’ve got that website to finish up for my mom as well as some photo editing for a friends website. wow, it felt like last week i wasn’t doing a whole heck of a lot and now i’m a little nervous about how i’m gonna get everything done. but i’ll manage, i always do. and best of all i get to end the week with outside lands!

thats right! outside lands is this weekend and i am super stoked about it! now all i got to do is get through this week, wish me luck!

photo source {vintagestylexo}


for all your festival needs

so i am back from coachella and in festival recovery mode… music sun and beer can take a lot out of you! anyways since we are now in full music festival season i figured i’d share a few essentials:

festival supplies

1. Water bottle, it gets hot, dancing your face off makes you sweaty, keep hydrated! i love my sigg water bottle!

2. ibuprofen, at the end of the day my feet always hurt from running around and the generic stuff is cheap and just as good!

3. Chapstick, for you all your chapped lip needs. i love burts bees!

4. Sandals that actually stay on your feet! these ones from Loft stayed with me through the whole weekend!

5. Sweet Cheap Sunglasses, get ’em cheap so if you lose/break/ forget/scratch them its no big deal, sharp shades has a bunch of different styles for under $20

6. Hand Wipes, good for everything! lets face it port-o-poties are gross but you have to use them so clean up with these hello kitty ones from target!

7. Sunscreen, definitely a must, being sunburned sucks so screen up!

8. Band Aids, i don’t know about you, but i always end up with scratched and cuts and have no idea what happend so i try to keep a stash of band aids with me at all times.

9. Sweet Camera, i love taking funky pictures, especially and music festivals because its so out of normal life so i feel like the pictures need to be a little weird too! i love my fish eye!

so you should be prepared now for some real music festival action! with a little sunscreen and a camera you are ready for whatever crazyness could happen on the festival grounds!


coachella weekend is finally here and i’ve been scrambling to get all my things in order before i go and i’m finally there! though i must admit, i kept thinking i should bring my laptop with me so if i did encounter a spare moment i could get some work done (ha). but i have decided to really give myself a break and just enjoy the music. i will for the first time in months not my practically attached to my computer, checking e-mails 40 times a day, or trying to do 10 different things at once.

see you on the other side! and have an amazing weekend!