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a little distraction

while doing some research and preliminary sketching for a logo project i got that song “San Francisco” by The Mowgli’s stuck in my head so I ended up painting out some of the lyrics just for fun. if you haven’t heard the Mowgli’s  yet definitely check them out!

Love Painting

painted lyricsi haven’t painted with watercolors in a super long time, i forgot how beautiful they can look when done well(unlike my blobby sketches that i won’t torture anyone with). and there’s something about painted cursive that just looks so whimsical.


music friday

oh land and kimbra are getting me through the day today. they are both a little poppy, a little weird and totally rad!

kimbra opened for foster the people, so i saw her live a couple weeks ago, which was awesome! she put on a great show.

oh land has got that kind of whimsical out of this world kind of sound that goes perfect with her funky style and animal headdresses. check them both out!

{oh land}  {kimbra}

happy nat 🙂