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day 30!

30. self portrait, this is me in all my lack of sleep, stressed out, mullet glory. i really was not up for taking this picture since i feel like i haven’t been looking my best lately (my cute pixie cut has grown out into an awkward mullet). school internship work and life have kind of been kicking my ass. i take a little comfort in the thought that all this hard work is going to pay off at some point, but for now it just me and my mullet-y hair and dark circles.

my gosh i sound so emo!

no worries things will be on the up swing soon, plus music festival season is right around the corner!


days 27, 28, & 29

27. weather, rain, sun come on weather make up your mind!

28. something fun, a little mario kart anyone? we played battle of the roommates the other night, and as always amanda won, i think i need to practice up on my mario karting skills!

29. music, latest downloads i’m super into the naked and famous and i love that song by gotye, but still i got to have a little lady gaga in my life.

one more day day in the challenge!  i can’t believe its been a whole month!

day 24, 25, & 26

24. gratitude. i am grateful for this lovely little restaurant serving up all kinds of delicious vegan cuisine!


25. hand writing, i write everything down, my planner is a little book of crazyness as you can get a glimpse of here.


26. night time, my street at night, it looks a lot darker than it really is; this street lamp in front of my house always likes to go out when i walk by… creep lamp!

lots of days!

17. plants, this is the stump of the largest oak tree in the world, the Hooker Oak stood in Bidwell Park in Chico CA until 1977 when it fell down.

18. technology, lab top, desk top, video camera, and flash drives everywhere!

19. in the fridge,  you know the staples, milk, veggies, take out left overs from two weeks ago…

20. list, i’ve got a couple going on here, i end up writing lists on everything, post its, planner, random paper, on top of old lists.

21. daily routine, my ever present search for my keys phone and sunglass while i’m trying to run out the door is a daily staple for me, and even then by the time i get down the stairs i’m running back up to grab my breakfast!

days 15 & 16

15. in my bag, it was actually a pretty easy day for my dear old chrome bag, notebook, folder, wallet planner… not like the usual everything i own going into the bag from books to groceries and school projects!

16. something new, i just got a job at LOFT, and with a sweet discount on clothes i may be having a lot of new things, uh oh wallet! but seriously who can say no to red jeans that make my butt look awesome!