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san diego- nightso ends my trip to san diego, i’ll be back to the city and back to real life tomorrow. the holidays with my family and friends have been such a nice little brake. i got a new camera for christmas, a nikon d 3200 to be exact. yes! so i figured i’d share a few of the pictures i took while getting the hang of the thing.

san diego- winter


southern california bound

home for the holidays

i am heading home to san diego for some holiday family fun. and even though its not your typical white christmas scenery, lights on a palm tree always feel like christmas to me. so tomorrow its going to be me, some good tunes, and the 5 south. i’m so excited to see my family and friends, and just hang out.

sunset cliffs

god and who doesn’t love bright sunny december days?

Happy Holidays!

october recap

october was a pretty hectic month, but i really enjoyed it! trying to balance the necessary stuff like work, school, projects and midterms with the fun stuff was a challenge but i did manage to do it all. i got to see a bunch of live music, watch way more sports than normal (go giants!), go out for halloween, and just be outside enjoying our indian summer that finally came around.

i feel pretty good about october, but im hoping november with be a little more calm.

pictures from october

Rebecah Ryan clothing!

My good friend rebecah, has launched not one but two clothing lines! if you remember i designed the logo for her tags a while ago, (in this post here!) i am so excited to say that those tags are now in her custom made clothing!

rebecah.ryan is now sold exclusively at imonni boutique in long beach, it is really awesome vintage pieces that have been repurposed with an edgy flair. i really love the backs of her shirts, the detail is amazing!

rebecah.ryan also has an etsy shop called the.Elect with more vintage inspired, modern pieces.

she will have a website coming soon, but you can also check out her blog!