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moccasins happy friday! yay! so i’m almost to the point where i can relax, but i’m not quite out of the woods yet school wise. but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel which feel good (like you wouldn’t believe!) i’m hoping to finish up my projects this weekend, and be able to kick back and have some fun at bay to breakers on sunday. i’m actually running it this year with a number and everything!

by this time next week it’ll be officially summer and i’m sure i’ll be on to the next crazy project!

happy weekend!



website!!! is a fully functioning website now! i’m so excited! i wanted to create a portfolio site totally from scratch to work on both my web design and coding skill and i feel like it turned out pretty well. there are of coarse things that i want to improve on especially as my knowledge of jquery, javascript, and php increases, but for now i’m stoked.

there is also a link to the “blog” on my website so you can get a sneak peak at what the new blog design is going to be like! that ones not quite finished yet but, totally getting there! screenshot

only one who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible

so i’ve been kinda of MIA for the past couple weeks, oops! life has gotten a little crazy lately at both work and school. my days have gone something like this: get up in the morning, go to work, come home work on projects for school (or work sometimes), remember to eat dinner work some more until i realize it’s 2am, and go to bed, then i do the same thing all over again.

the semester is ending so i’ve got two big projects to finish plus i need to get all my paperwork in to apply for my certificate! my website for my portfolio development class is actually due tomorrow, and that has been the biggest challenge trying to design and build a website that i am satisfied with from scratch. i am probably my own worst client, i change my mind about everything constantly, i always feel like things can be tweaked and made better, i get big ideas about what i want to do but then get scared that i won’t actually be able to put it into practice. but its coming along and i think as long as i work all day i’ll have it done by tomorrow, eek!

my other project for my advanced web design class is a custom wordpress site, so guess what?!?! the blog is getting a customized make over! yay! thats not due until next thursday and it may take another week or two to figure out if and how to transfer all the content from here into the customized site, so i’ve got a little more time on that .

so thats whats been up, when everything is finished i’ll definitely be posting about it, until then enjoy the rest of the weekend (oh and happy mothers day!)

because i’m probably a nerd

so i guess i have way too much time on my hand what with a job, school, and taking weekend excursions to music festivals, but i who needs sleep when you could stay up way to late rebranding? ha! me!

branding & collaterali wanted to come up with some stuff to be able to use on my new portfolio site, and (spoiler!) blog redesign.


keepin’ busy


i’ve been keeping super busy lately with a bunch of projects, school, personal and client. so i thought it would be fun to share a few little snippets of what i’ve been up to lately.recent work snipetsi’ve been doing a lot of logo work it seems like lately; reworking the logo for ZP for some t-shirts they want to get printed, (remember this post about the company and original logo) as well as doing the branding for an eco lighting company. then theres school, my portfolio development class has proved to be a lot of work especially since i want to design my portfolio website from scratch, but it’ll all come together (hopefully by the end of the semester). and i’ve been having some fun making a calendar, a bunch of girlfriends and i are going to take a road trip this summer so i thought it would be helpful to have a fully illustrated calendar of where and what we are going to be doing! ha! i obviously have too much time on my hands.


stop action

so a fun little fact about me, i got my BA in film (double emphasis in production and film studies, woot!) and i got a chance to dust off some of my movie making skills with Yellow Owl Workshop for the new Carve-A-Stamp Kit. stop action movies are super fun to make; movies are just lots of pictures strung together as frames. a regular movie that you’d see in the theater or on dvd are filmed at 24 frames a second; for a more homemade and fun look i did more like 10 frames a second. go check out the video over on the Yellow Owl Blog!

owl stamp