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halloween costumes!

i love halloween, like really love it, everything about it! from candy to crazy parties, haunted houses, pumpkins and of coarse costumes! here are some of my ideas for this year.

thanks to american apparel you can get solids in every color which is perfect for my velma costume.

{skirt} {shirt} {shoes} {socks} {glasses}


this one is super easy because i own pretty much everything for this costume already (seriously i have way too many plaid shirts).

{shirt} {shorts} {boots} {suspenders}



Rebecah Ryan clothing!

My good friend rebecah, has launched not one but two clothing lines! if you remember i designed the logo for her tags a while ago, (in this post here!) i am so excited to say that those tags are now in her custom made clothing!

rebecah.ryan is now sold exclusively at imonni boutique in long beach, it is really awesome vintage pieces that have been repurposed with an edgy flair. i really love the backs of her shirts, the detail is amazing!

rebecah.ryan also has an etsy shop called the.Elect with more vintage inspired, modern pieces.

she will have a website coming soon, but you can also check out her blog!

style-ish .1

so i am trying my hand at a style post, i like clothes and getting dressed up and whatnot, so here goes.

what i’d  wear to wear to a concert:

since we were cruising around berkeley during the day i opted for the more casual striped shirt and vans, if you’re feeling a bit dressier i’d go with the sheer-ish shirt and wing tips. headband and raybans are definitely a must for the uber hipster look!

the concert was a lot of fun and the greek theater is really awesome, if you ever get the chance to see a show there i’ highly recommend it!

{1. target} {2. nordstroms} {3. nordstroms} {4. loft} {5. vans} {6.stevemadden}