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off to the desert

Ballons in the skyi am excited for my much needed vacation, tomorrow morning i will be jumping in the car with some good tunes for the road trip down to indo. i spent the whole week scrambling to get work and school work all done before i left as well as trying to avoid hearing too much about the festival from friends who went last weekend. but everything has finally come together and i couldn’t be more pleased. hopefully i’ll get some good photos, dance my legs off and spend some quality time with friends! see you on the other side!

coachella ferris wheel



looking for inspiration

the past two weeks have been a little… no, a lot hectic. between work, school, freelancing, and getting sick i’m feeling a little drained. so in search of some new inspiration i’ve been trawling pintrest and dribbble.


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cupcakes… happy friday!

friday night cupcakethe eat-up in oakland is pretty awesome! it is food trucks, art, music and vendors for blocks down telegraph on the first friday of every month. i had a blast a few weeks ago and got to sample a few of the Sweet Treats Stop’s amazing cupcakes!

3 cupcakes

cupcake3happy friday! i think we all deserve a cupcake today, its been a long week!



a little distraction

while doing some research and preliminary sketching for a logo project i got that song “San Francisco” by The Mowgli’s stuck in my head so I ended up painting out some of the lyrics just for fun. if you haven’t heard the Mowgli’s  yet definitely check them out!

Love Painting

painted lyricsi haven’t painted with watercolors in a super long time, i forgot how beautiful they can look when done well(unlike my blobby sketches that i won’t torture anyone with). and there’s something about painted cursive that just looks so whimsical.

a weekend adventure

scribe wineryi took a little adventure this weekend up to sonoma, school starts up again this week so it was fun to get out of town for a day and taste some wine, take some pictures and enjoy the beautiful sonama country side. scribe was one of my favorite wineries that we visited (i even became a member of their wine club!) not only because the wine was delicious but the actual winery and surrounding fields were just gorgeous. I got the chance to use my new camera, which was exciting. i’m starting to really get the hang of it now. i think.




scribe3they also have 2 rope swings that as you can see i took full advantage of!